Catherine Palace and Pavlovsk Private Tour

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Catherine Palace and Pavlovsk private tour allows you to visit two famous summer imperial residences in one day without stress and long lines.

Catherine Palace and Pavlovsk private tour will allow you to visit two famous summer imperial residences in one day without stress and long lines.

The Pavlovsk Palace keeps a unique collection of decorative art of the 18th century. This collection was started by its first owners Emperor Paul I and his wife Maria Feodorovna. The palace has a large landscape park, which is the largest park in Europe.

The Catherine Palace is one of the most popular former royal residences where three Russian empresses loved to spend the summer: Catherine I, Elizabeth and Catherine II. The exposition of the palace will acquaint you with the work of architects who participated in its construction and decoration in the 18-19 centuries as well as with the achievement of restorers who revived it after the Second World War.

Our private tour includes skip-the-line tickets so you don’t have to wait in a two-hour queue for each museum and a personal English-speaking guide will immerse you in the atmosphere of 18th century imperial Russia and tell you about the traditions and events of a bygone era.

History of palaces

The construction of the Catherine Palace began in 1717 as the summer residence of Catherine I. According to the first project he represented a small two-story building consisting of 16 rooms. A few years later Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter the Great, ascended the throne and decided to expand the palace so she instructed the architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli to rebuild the building. Thus, the Great Catherine Palace appeared — a unique building in the Russian Baroque style for the decoration of which 100 kg of gold was spent.

During the Second World War the palace was badly damaged: many exhibits were burned or plundered. The famous Amber Room was exported abroad. Today the palace and park ensemble is fully restored.

The Pavlovsk Palace, which construction took 50 years, was designed by Charles Cameron. Initially it was a small estate, which was rebuilt into a chic imperial palace with ceremonial halls and parks over time.

The palace was completely burned down by the German invaders during the Second World War. Its restoration took more than 35 years.

Tour itinerary

In the morning on the day of the tour your guide will meet you in the hotel lobby and you will go to the Catherine Palace with a personal driver in a Mercedes car. In Tsarskoye Selo you will enter the palace building without passing through huge lines. There you will have an opportunity to appreciate the luxury and atmosphere that surrounded the Russian empresses. During the tour you will see the famous Amber Room and appreciate the scale of restoration work.

A visit to the palace lasts a little over an hour after which you will walk around the Catherine Park with a lot of elegant pavilions, sculptures and monuments.

After a walk, a personal driver will take you for lunch to the Podvorye Restaurant, which is located on the road to Pavlovsk.

Then you will go to the Pavlovsk Palace where you will stroll along the front rooms and see the recreated interiors of the imperial rooms. Together with the guide you will go to a picturesque landscape park, which consists of seven landscape areas and stores a unique collection of Russian, Western European and ancient art.

  • 10 a.m. – hotel pick up to Pushkin
  • 11 a.m. – entrance to the Palace
  • 12.20 p.m. – 1 p.m.  walk in a park
  • 1.20 p.m. – 2.20 p.m. lunch
  • 2.30 p.m. – 4 p.m. tour to the Pavlovsk Palace
  • 5.30 p.m. – return to the city

Why do I need to book this tour?

Pavlovsk and the Catherine Palace are the best county summer imperial residences, which are located close to each other. This visit helps to get a better understanding of the history and spirit of the Russian Empire of the 18-19 centuries. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to appreciate the impressive architecture of those times.

Advantages of this tour

A personal driver and skip the line tickets will save a huge amount of your time that you can spend on relaxation or other visits.

You don’t have to choose between the imperial residences and compare which one is better — visit both.

Personal tour guide will make your visit exciting and informative — you will have a better understanding of the mysterious Russian soul.

Both residences are on the Must Visit Place list — a win-win option confirmed by millions of tourists from all over the world.

This tour is suitable for people who are interested in the history of Russia and those who do not want to miss the most impressive places in St. Petersburg.

When ordering this tour with us, you can be sure that everything will be at the highest level. Our guides annually pass certification for the right to conduct excursions in these museums and our many years of experience allows us to create the ideal route that will make your stay in St. Petersburg as efficient and casual as possible

Advice and recommendations

Please pay attention that in Pavlovsk the day off is the first Monday of the month and in the Catherine Palace the day off is every Tuesday

You can absolutely free of charge add to this tour a visit to the most beautiful metro stations. To do this you need to just write when you book the tour, that you would like to have a metro tour. In this case, the tour starts half an hour earlier and you will go down the metro on the way from the hotel to Pushkin. At the Narvskaya metro station, you will have time to look around, then you will see the Kirovsky Zavod and Avtovo metro stations which are ones of the most beautiful metro stations in the world. And right after your driver will pick you up at the metro exit to take you to the Catherine Palace

This is a very eventful visit and in spite of a comfortable personal car and a guide that will help you to avoid common mistakes — at the end of the day you are most likely to get tired. This is not the best day to plan significant events for the evening, for example, viewing the opening of the bridges, etc.

There are squirrels and ducks in Pushkin. If you want to feed them, you need to take nuts or bread in advance.

Shooting without a flash is permitted everywhere except in the amber room. Charge your cameras — there will be many beautiful shots.

Who will like this tour?

This tour is suitable for those who are interested in the history and culture of Russia. The ensembles of the Pavlovsk and Catherine palaces will be appreciated by lovers of architecture and landscape parks. Pavlovsk and Pushkin are the most interesting classic sights and a visit to such amazing places definitely won’t disappoint you.

Trip Includes

  • Personal driver
  • Personal tour guide
  • Skip the line tickets to Pavlovsk Palace
  • Skip the line tickets to Catherine Palace, Amber Room & Park

Trip Excludes

  • Lunch in the restaurant
  • Tips to your guide and personal driver

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  1. Tessa

    We booked a custom private tour with PetersburgExpert that included visiting the Catherine Palace and Pavlovsk. These royal residences locate not far from each other so this option was perfect. The tour was well organized. We had a private car with a driver. Our guide Max was very professional. He did everything to make our journey interesting and comfortable. Tickets to Catherine Palace and Pavlovsk Palace were organised without waiting. The weather was nice and stories that Max told us we’re really impressive.

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