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Today Pavlovsk guided tour is very popular, but instead of courtiers and ambassadors thousands of tourists from all over the world come here annually. One of the pearls of the suburbs of St. Petersburg is located 30 km from the city.

Today Pavlovsk guided tour is very popular, but instead of courtiers and ambassadors thousands of tourists from all over the world come here annually. One of the pearls of the suburbs of St. Petersburg is located 30 km from the city. Pavlovsk attracts tourists with a number of distinctive features:

  • Pavlovsky Palace — one of the most harmonious buildings in St. Petersburg and its suburbs
  • This is the last summer residence which was created for Romanovs
  • The imperial residence includes the largest park in Europe
  • The unique collection of fine and decorative arts
  • In winter, you can ride three horses, or as Russians say «troika», like a real Russian boyar

The construction of favorite summer residence of the Russian emperor and the Grand Master of the Order of Malta, Paul I, was carried out for 4 years and was completed in 1786. In these luxurious halls, the Romanovs spent most of the summer, and when the weather got cold, they returned to the city — to the Winter Palace.

Pavlovsky Palace occupies a central place in the palace and park ensemble. It stands on a hill and its light sand-colored walls are visible from anywhere in the park. The architect of the building in the neoclassical style was the Scottish architect Charles Cameron. He created a palace which resembles one of the country villas in Italy. You will get into it without a queue and spend about an hour in the halls. During the private tour in Pavlovsk, you will see the interiors on which outstanding architects of the time worked:

  • Vincenzo Brenna
  • Andrey Voronikhin
  • Giacomo Quarenghi
  • Carlo Rossi

Your personal English-speaking guide will tell you about more than a dozen rooms with a unique collection of objects of Western European and Russian art:

  1. Egyptian lobby. Decoration of the main entrance to the palace were 12 Roman-Egyptian statues protruding from the walls. The architectural character creates a smooth transition from exterior to interior.
  2. Empress Maria Feodorovna’s library. The interior is decorated with tapestries, a collection of marble sculpture on the table tops. Books are placed in low cabinets located around the perimeter of the room.
  3. Boudoir. Each wall in the room is a separate decorative panel with marble relief. The fireplace with vases and candelabra of the XVIII century gives a special solemnity and comfort to the hall.
  4. Greek Hall. During the reign of Paul I, all the celebrations were held here. The walls of the main hall decorated with artificial marble with figures of antique statues in niches. To create a uniform style, interior lighting is made in the form of antique lamps, and the furniture is painted in antique bronze.
  5. Hall of War. The room is an octahedron in plan. The walls are decorated with artificial marble, the interior is richly decorated with golden stucco. Furniture and decoration of the room are made in the same style — Roman theme.

Among the other ceremonial rooms, you will find an acquaintance with the Italian, Throne, Cavaliers and the Hall of Peace. In the small office of Paul I, the Art Gallery, the main bedroom, the toilet room, and lady-in-waiting rooms, visitors will learn about the history of the imperial family by its hobbies and way of life. In total, you will spend one hour in the halls of the Pavlovsky Palace and be able to take pictures in luxurious interiors, because photo and video shooting is allowed here.

Another hour is devoted to acquaintance with Pavlovsk Park. In total, the territory covers 600 hectares of land and includes 9 landscape areas.  Italian decorator Pietro Gonzaga was the last who participated in the creation of the main landscapes of the park. Walking along the alleys you will enjoy the beauty of nature and its man-made decorations:

  • Turkish arbor
  • Milk House
  • Pavilion of the Three Graces
  • Temple of Friendship
  • Italian stairs
  • Gonzaga Gallery

One of the features of the park are squirrels that live freely in the reserve. If you wish, you can even feed gentle animals. Therefore, Pavlovsk is ideal for family trips with children who often find it hard to focus on the difficult history of Imperial Russia.

It is ideal for unhurried walks in the shadow of old trees with a discussion of the Russian State history and its rulers.

After a walk through the largest landscaped park, guests will be taken to the hotel by a private car.


  • 2 hours – road time
  • 1 hour – palace
  • 1 hour – park

  • Hotel Pick-Up
  • Transfer
  • Entrance fees
  • 2-hour Guided Tour
  • Drop-Off

  • Gratuities
  • Meal

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  1. Giacomo

    We visited Pavlovsk before our trip to Catherine Palace and it was a really good decision. The beauty of the palace and its halls are just amazing. At first, we walk through the park which is very peaceful and well kept. Then we went to the Palace. In comparison with the Catherine Palace, it wasn’t so crowded. We were very surprised when our guide told us the story of this place. So much mystery. Thanks for this experience. We are extremely satisfied with this tour.

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