St. Petersburg City Sightseeing Private Walking Tour

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A walk through the historical center of the city with a personal guide is a great opportunity to get acquainted with St. Petersburg.

A walk through the historical center of the city with a personal guide is a great opportunity to get acquainted with St. Petersburg. This open-air museum is a so-called Capital of Russian Culture, and this is true. The entire historical center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Each building here has a great historical value, and a private tour gives you the opportunity to take in the sights at a nice, leisurely pace, convenient for you.

Your guide will help you to explore the city as efficiently as possible and tell you fascinating stories related to the monuments and buildings around.

The first key point — St. Isaac’s Square — the majestic St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the proximity of Nevsky Prospect and dozens of hotels within a kilometer radius make this place one of the most visited.

Considering that the best panoramic view of the city opens from the Colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, it is a great place to start the excursion, indeed.

The following route points are described good enough in well-known tour guides:

  • Palace Square
  • Nevsky Prospect
  • Kazansky Cathedral
  • Cathedral of the Savior on Spilled Blood

However, the Frenchmen claim that the devil is in the details.  We fully share this theory and believe that an ordinary excursion turns into a perfect one due to little-known facts, stories, and other nuances. We fulfill and update the list permanently and make training courses for our guides.

Therefore, be sure that when the excursion passes through the Palace Square, you will learn not only the year of the Hermitage establishment, but also the following facts: the Alexandrian Column is actually hollow inside, the facade of the main headquarters is made up of houses which used to be separate ones earlier, and the Winter Palace itself may have appeared there before Peter the Great. Otherwise, how can it be explained that there are windows in the “basements” of the Winter Palace, which means that much more time has passed since its foundation that is officially declared?

This proposal organically combines a guided tour pointed of the most recognisable features of St. Petersburg and visits to the places less known to the tourists, and therefore more approximate to citizens’ real life.

The Kuznechny Market is a place where the residents of St. Petersburg have been buying organic farming products for more than 200 years already, from the time when it was not yet so fashionable.

An excursion of the subway will make you feel even more local.  Every day more than 2 million people use the metro to move around the city. The guide will show you the stations of the first metro line made in the Stalinist Empire style — richly decorated lobbies and platforms with various types of rare marble are of extreme interest. Unfortunately, later a law was adopted on “combating the excessiveness in architecture,” and the most part of the stations are of more practical nature.

As a rule, the tour finish is at the exit from the Admiralteyskaya metro station, in close proximity to St. Isaac’s Square and Nevsky Prospect, but we can harmonize any route according to your plans. To do this, just point out your wishes in the comments when booking the tour.


Total duration – 5 hour


  • Meeting at the hotel with a guide
  • St. Isaac’s Square
  • Saint Isaac’s Cathedral
  • Palace Square
  • Nevsky Prospect
  • Kazansky Cathedral
  • Savior on Spilled Blood
  • Arts Square
  • Eliseevsky House
  • Anichkov Bridge
  • Vladimirsky Avenue
  • St. Vladimir’s Cathedral
  • Kuznechny Market
  • Vladimirskaya Metro Station
  • Tour of the metro stations made in Stalinist Empire style
  • Avtovo Metro Station
  • Admiralteyskaya Metro Station

  • Private Guide Service
  • Entrance fees

  • Private vehicle
  • Gratuities
  • Meal

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  1. Nora

    What a wonderful day we have! Thanks a lot for this unforgettable walk. I don’t have enough words to describe the beauty of this city and we found it out thanks to our guide Dina. She was wonderful explaining so much about St Petersburg and its history. We even went down to the metro which truly deserves a complete tour. This day was full off fun and interesting stories. We are very grateful to Dina for this awesome urban adventure.

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