St. Petersburg One Day Private Shore Excursion

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One Day Shore Excursion of St. Petersburg will give you a bright impression. A personal guide will meet you in the port and you will see the main sights of the city on your private car.

One Day Shore Excursion of St. Petersburg will give you a bright impression. A personal guide will meet you in the port and you will see the main sights of the city on your private car.

Russia’s northern capital, Saint Petersburg, has been named the world’s leading cultural city destination for the third consecutive year.

The beauty of the palace and park ensembles, the white nights and drawbridges, the rich museum collections of paintings and decorative arts attract over seven million tourists annually to northern Venice. Acquaintance with the city will begin as soon as you get off the ramp of the cruise liner. The personal guide and the driver will meet in the port.

The tour program includes a four-hour sightseeing tour program on a private car, lunch and a private tour to the Hermitage. During City sightings by car, you will see and visit the main historical and cultural sights.

The starting point will be the largest island in the Neva delta — Vasilievsky. Originally Peter the Great — the founder of St. Petersburg planned to make the center of the city here. The route includes such sightseeings as temples, monuments, palaces, parks, theatres, and other significant objects:

  1. Exchange, rostral columns, sphinxes, Academy of Arts and the country’s first museum — Kunstkamera
  2. Island New Holland
  3. Yusupov Palace
  4. Peter-Pavel’s Fortress
  5. The Bronze Horseman
  6. Cruiser Aurora
  7. Summer garden
  8. Field of Mars
  9. Marble Palace

Driving through the main streets and squares of St. Petersburg you will get acquainted with the historic center. There are two stops in the tour – at the Savior on Spilled Blood and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. A visit to Orthodox churches consists of 20-30 minutes. The guide will take care of the tickets in advance and you will not lose a minute.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood — an example of the “Russian style” construction appeared as a tribute to the memory of Russian Emperor Alexander II, mortally wounded at the site of the cathedral’s laying.

Today, the mosaic exposition of the temple is one of the largest in Europe. St. Isaac’s Cathedral became the latest building in the style of classicism in the city. You can see the entire city from a bird’s-eye view from the colonnade of the Orthodox church. Once the cathedral of the Diocese today has the status of a museum.

The first part of the cultural program will end at 13.00. An hour of free time is for a lunch break, the cost of meals is not included in the total price of the tour program.

The second part of the acquaintance with the cultural capital will be held at the Palace Square — the main square of St. Petersburg. Together with the guide, you will visit the main state museum complex of the city — the Hermitage. Every year more than four million guests visit its halls and the largest collection of paintings in Russia and Europe, and cultural and historical values.

Every day, visitors spend up to several hours to get into the treasury of world art. You will immediately go to the inspection the exposition, all questions with admission tickets will be resolved in advance.

2.5 hours of the excursion program includes inspection of the most famous exhibits and ceremonial rooms:

  1. Pavilion Hall and inspection of the only clock mechanism kept by Friedrich Jüri. The clock — a peacock in the Pavilion Hall became a diamond in the Hermitage collection.
  2. The loggia of Raphael is an exact replica of the Vatican, created by the architect Giacomo Quarenghi.
  3. Armorial Hall
  4. Alexandrovsky Hall
  5. Malachite Living Room
  6. Maria Alexandrovna’s drawing room
  7. Concert hall
  8. White Hall
  9. The halls of ancient Egypt with the famous mummy of the priest Pa-di-ist
  10. Halls of Culture of Antiquity
  11. Knight’s Hall
  12. Small and large Italian clearances
  13. Titian’s Hall
  14. Hall of Leonardo da Vinci

In total, the Hermitage collection has three million exhibits and you will get acquainted with its main masterpieces

At 5.00 pm, a comfortable auto will take you to the port, directly to the liner.

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    A good way to see sites in several hours tour in a small company of friends. I would recommend PetersburgExpert to everyone who wants an authentic deep insight into the city. We had a tour with Alex whose knowledge was pretty much encyclopedic. Along the way, our guide gave us interesting information as well as practical tips for our time in St Petersburg. We visited all the main tourists sights. Alex told us some useful things about the city which was very helpful because we were planning to visit some cathedrals and museums by ourselves. Thanks a lot for this excursion!

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