St. Petersburg Two Day Private Shore Excursion

The Hermitage, Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood, Fountains of Peterhof and the Amber Room – you can visit all of them with your personal guide just within two days.

The Hermitage, Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood, Fountains of Peterhof and the Amber Room — you can visit all of them with your personal guide just within two days. And for this, you do not even need a visa. An incredibly rich program for cruise passengers, which includes a visit to St. Isaac’s Cathedral — the main Orthodox cathedral of St. Petersburg, the most beautiful metro stations made in the Stalinist Empire style and luxurious country residences.

Your personal guide with driver will pick you up from the port for a city tour. You will go around St. Petersburg from one key landmark to another by car of business class. The guide will tell you amazing stories about the city and its features.

He will give you a tour of the Savior on the Spilled Blood Cathedral and St. Isaac’s Cathedral, where you will be able to appreciate the greatness of the architecture of Orthodox sacred places and understand the role of Christianity in the history of the Russian people.

The focus of the excursion shifts from the tourist picture to the everyday lives of ordinary residents of St. Petersburg. A tour of the oldest in the city farmers market will help you see the city with the eyes of local inhabitants and try the natural meal, home-cooked by residents of St. Petersburg suburbs.

After visiting the market, you will go to one of the best restaurants in the city, previously chosen according to your culinary preferences.

We permanently update and check for quality our list of top-rated restaurants

The Hermitage is a place which you’d better see once than read a hundred times about it. And it’s better to do this with an experienced English-speaking guide, who knows in details every corner of its countless hallways. For you, he will conduct a tour of the most important masterpieces of world art and answer all your questions related to the museum, its exhibits and more.

Every day the route begins and ends at the port — these are the visa-free conditions.

The second day starts with contrasts — a personal driver takes you to the subway.

You will see three of the most beautiful metro stations constructed in the Stalinist Empire style, richly decorated with rare marble rocks, large chandeliers, and columns covered with cast glass. Including the Avtovo Metro Station, which is among the top best in the world according to The Guardian and The Telegraph.

At the exit of the Avtovo Metro Station, a personal driver will be waiting for you to take you to Peterhof. Russian Versailles is a museum complex that needs no introduction. 32k of positive comments in Google maps eloquently demonstrate that this place is a must visit on the same level as the Hermitage. You will see a large palace, walk through the park along the coast of the Gulf of Finland, surrounded by hundreds of famous fountains.

After Peterhof, you will go to the Catherine Palace. Here you will see a lot of people waiting for hours to see the famous Amber Room. Fortunately, skip-the-line tickets are included in the tour price and allow you to use your valuable time more efficiently. After exploring the palace, you will have a walk through a unique landscape park and come back to the port.


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