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St. Petersburg Three Day Private Tour

The three-day private tour of St. Petersburg is a perfectly balanced program that will allow you to see the maximum of the main landmarks of the Cultural capital, including: Churchers: Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Kazansky Cathedral Savior on Spilled Blood Squares: St. Isaac’s Dvortsovaya Troitskaya Vosstaniya Palaces and castles: Mikhailovsky Castle Winter Palace Marble Palace Stroganov…

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Catherine Palace and Peterhof private tour from St Petersburg

Catherine Palace and Peterhof full-day private tour it is a great opportunity to see the best summer imperial residences at once. Peterhof is a Russian Versailles which is famous for its fountains located in a picturesque park on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. The Catherine Palace attracts millions of tourists every year with…

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Catherine Palace and Pavlovsk Private Tour

Catherine Palace and Pavlovsk private tour will allow you to visit two famous summer imperial residences in one day without stress and long lines. The Pavlovsk Palace keeps a unique collection of decorative art of the 18th century. This collection was started by its first owners Emperor Paul I and his wife Maria Feodorovna. The…

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Pavlovsk Palace
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Private Tour to Pavlovsk Palace and Park

Today Pavlovsk guided tour is very popular, but instead of courtiers and ambassadors thousands of tourists from all over the world come here annually. One of the pearls of the suburbs of St. Petersburg is located 30 km from the city. Pavlovsk attracts tourists with a number of distinctive features: Pavlovsky Palace – one of…

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Private Tour to Kronshtadt in St. Petersburg

Kronstadt is a separate city in St. Petersburg. Its special position is reinforced by the fact that until 1996 this city, founded in 1704 on an island in the Gulf of Finland, was closed to outsiders because it housed military factories and strategic facilities. Perhaps that is why there remained a completely unusual atmosphere, unusual…

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Tour to Catherine Palace and Amber Room in Pushkin

The Catherine Palace is one of the most popular suburban royal residences, which is not inferior to Pavlovsk and Peterhof in matters of the buildings architecture and the parks fascination. The same way as Peterhof is famous for its fountains, the Catherine Palace is known for the legendary Amber Room, and people from all over…

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