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The Catherine Palace is one of the most popular suburban royal residences, which is not inferior to Pavlovsk and Peterhof in matters of the buildings architecture and the parks fascination. The same way as Peterhof is famous for its fountains, the Catherine Palace is known for the legendary Amber Room, and people from all over the world come to see. In high season, a line of people eager to see it stretches along the 300-meter facade of the palace to the very entrance to the park.

More than 100 kilograms of gold were used to gild the sophisticated stucco facade and statues erected on the roof

With our private guided tour, you can visit the Palace and the Amber Room skipping the line. Our English-speaking guide will tell you the history of the palace, which holds a lot of secrets. The building, constructed in the Baroque and Classicism styles, looks magnificently, and its interior halls are richly decorated with gold and rare stones.

Photo and video shootings are prohibited in the Amber Room – maybe, it’s the reason why it is so popular. Though, 12,000 positive comments in Google maps couldn’t have been made by mistake.

The Catherine Palace was the official royal residence of three Russian Empresses — Catherine I, Elizabeth, Catherine II

After one hour tour of the palace, you will have an exciting walk in the landscape park having a huge number of landmarks, such as:

  • The Cameron Gallery
  • The Hermitage Marble bridge
  • The Hermitage Kitchen
  • Turkish sauna
  • The Chesmeskaya Column

In general, there are more than 100 sculptures, bridges, and monuments there. Not in vain, the Catherine Park is recognized as one of the best in Europe. Our guide will tell you the history of the most important places — you will learn to what the Chesmenskaya Column was erected and who was buried under a plain pyramid lost among the trees.

The Chesme Column is a Doric rostral monument of white-and-pink marble crowned by bronze figer of an eagle trampling a crescent

According to your desire and under good weather conditions, you can additionally book a boat ride on the lake on the spot — this picturesque and peaceful activity is especially valuable after the rush at the entrance to the Palace.

After a stroll in the park, the personal driver will take you to the hotel with a comfortable business class car.

The Catherine Palace is as popular as other palaces, but it is of a smaller capacity and its booking system is more complicated. We recommend you to book the tour in advance, especially in high season.

To book a tour or ask a question, please fill out the form below.

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  • Total duration – 4 hours
  • Guided tour – 2.5 hours
  • Road time – 1.5 hours

10:00 a.m. Hotel Pick-Up
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Visit of Catherine's Palace with Amber Room
12: 00 p.m. - 13:00 p.m. Walk in the park
02:00 p.m. Hotel Pick-off

  • Hotel Pick-up
  • Private Guide Service
  • Entrance
  • Garden
  • Hotel Drop-off

  • Gratuities
  • Meal

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    It was a fascinating tour in Pushkin! Thank you so much. We visited the luxurious halls of the Catherine Palace, saw the Amber room. The park deserves special attention. There is an amazingly lovely place where you can walk all day. Our guide told us about the Chesme Column, the Dutch Admiralty, the Murble Bridge. Wonderful architecture! Thank you for unforgettable memories and your hospitality.

  2. :

    Catherine Palace is a great place with stunning architecture and amazing interiors. The tour was very informative. Our guide had an excellent knowledge of history and spoke English quite well. After liberation from the Nazi occupation, the Catherine Palace was a ruin, but today it is a splendid place. Be sure to visit the Catherine Palace!

  3. :

    My wife and I went on the Catherine Palace tour in April. It was a terrific trip. Our guide Anna picked us up at the hotel. On the way to Tsarskoe Selo, she told us many interesting stories about the suburban residence of the Russian Tsars. Our tour wouldn’t have been so wonderful without Anna. She knows a lot of amazing facts about St. Petersburg and Russian history. Catherine Palace is magnificent! Stunning interiors: furniture, paintings, vases! After the tour in the palace, we walked through the garden. This is a great place that you should definitely see, especially if you are lucky with the weather.

  4. :

    A tour to the Catherine Palace is one of those things that we have done during our holidays in St. Petersburg. We were surprised to find out how many attractions there are outside the city. We heard about Tsarskoye Selo but didn’t think that this place is so beautiful. Thank you very much for this opportunity. The tour was organized very professionally. Our guide was very kind and attentive.

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