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Yusupov palace private tour is a visit to the Family Duke’s Residence accompanied by an English-speaking guide. This is a museum with one of the most beautiful and luxurious interiors in Russia which keeps the secret of murder of Grigory Rasputin and the life of the formerly richest family in Russian Empire.

The main staircase of the Yusupov Palace


The Museum of Noble Life, the Teacher’s Regional House, the St. Petersburg Palace of Culture of Enlightenment Workers, the historical and cultural palace ensemble of federal significance and European fame … Over the two and a half centuries, the purpose and status of the old mansion and city estate on the Moika have changed repeatedly.

The Princess’s bedroom

Government and diplomatic meetings, international conferences and symposia are held here in one of the most magnificent ceremonial buildings of the Northern capital. The book of honored guests of the Yusupov Palace contains the names of Russian statesmen, leaders of St. Petersburg and heas of foreign powers.

The Yusupov Palace is a unique architectural ensemble of the 18th-20th centuries, it’s a monument of history and culture of federal significance, which earned the fame of the “encyclopedia” of St. Petersburg’s aristocratic interior.

The biography of the Palace and the surrounding estate dates back to the Petrine era, to the period of the birth of the young Northern capital. The palace and manor complex were created over almost two centuries ago.

The Large Rotunda

From 1830 to 1919, the owners of the palace and the estate were five generations of a noble family of dukes Yusupov. Many bright pages of Russian and St. Petersburg history are associated with the family residence on the Moika.

The palace went down in Russian history as the site of the murder of Grigory Rasputin, a Siberian peasant who became a spiritual mentor and friend of the family of Emperor Nicholas II at the beginning of the 20th century. The tragedy occurred on the night of December 17, 1916 in the residential half of the young Duke Felix Yusupov. Now there is a historical and documentary exposition in these rooms.

The Hall of Precios

In 1925 the palace of the Dukes Yusupov was transferred to the pedagogical intelligentsia of the city. The Palace of Culture of Enlightenment Workers, which was formed into a multifunctional historical and cultural center in the 1990s and where educational activities, concerts, exhibitions and excursions were held, has been located here to the present day.

The Hall with White Columns

The Yusupov Palace is one of the rare noble mansions of St. Petersburg where the main apartments, halls of the art gallery, miniature home theater, the luxurious residential chambers of the Yusupov family were retained, preserving the warmth and charm of the previous owners. Amazingly beautiful art interiors, revived by the work and talent of St. Petersburg restorers, are hospitably open to Russian and foreign lovers of history, art, music and theater.

The Palatil Theatre

A visit to the Yusupov Palace consists of several parts:

  • Visiting the ceremonial halls of the palace
  • Visiting the exhibition ‘Death of Rasputin’, this one you can visit only with a tour guide, for individual tourists with radio guides this part is not available for visiting.
  • A visit to the luxurious and amazingly beautiful Yusupov Theater.

If you order this tour you will be able to avoid huge lines at the entrance to the palace, moreover, you will be able to visit ‘the death of Rasputin exhibition’, which is opened only to tourists accompanied by a tour guide.

You can also choose, as an additional option, that part of the palace that you would like to see. It can be the ceremonial halls or private chambers of Felix Yusupov or chambers of his wife Irina with magnificent interiors of boudoirs, offices, the Moorish bathhouse, billiard room, and many others…

The Anique Hall

This tour will be interesting for both adults and children especially those who are interested in the history of the Russian Empire. If you want to find out all the details of the mysterious murder of Grigori Rasputin, figure out his role in the history of Russia and understand who he was: a saint who saved Tsarevich Alexei from excruciating suffering caused by hemophilia or a liar leading a dissolute lifestyle who wanted to get rid of the royal family and take the place of Nicholas II

The Moorish Hall

The tour is conducted by professional certified guides who are fluent in English and historical material, so you can get answers to any questions you may have regarding the history of the city or the history of the Russian Empire.

Your main advantage will be a visit to the exposition of the death of Rasputin, which is located in the part of the palace where the most mysterious character in the history of Russia was killed in the winter of 1916.

The Red Hall


  • The museum is open daily; guided tours can begin at the latest at 4 p.m.
  • The tour will last no more than two hours, so you can devote any of your free evenings to do it combining this visit with any other tour.
  • you can find a lot of literature on the history of the Russian Empire in the museum’s gift shop.
  • The museum has a very cozy cafe where you can spend a pleasant time discussing impressions after the tour and tasting desserts which were prepared according to old recipes by the cooks of the Yusupov family.
  • Photos without flash are allowed in all rooms, but this is a paid service. Permission to take photographs costs 150 rubles per camera.

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2-Hour Private Guided Tour in Yusupov Palace
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Review Date
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2-Hour Private Guided Tour in Yusupov Palace
Author Rating
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  • A visit to the private chambers of Irina Yusupova
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Review Date
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2-Hour Private Guided Tour in Yusupov Palace
Author Rating
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We are always ready to return the full cost of the tour, in case of cancellation, with the exception of the costs that we made. Therefore, If you cancel the tour with 14 days in advance, we will give you a full refund. For a week or less - individually depending on the tour. In case of cancellation of the tour in less than 3 days, we return 40% of the cost.

By default, we accept 100% payment of tours, as it is generally convenient for everyone. If necessary, you can write to us that you want to pay in part. This is usually not a problem. You can pay the rest on cash in rubles on the first day of excursions.

Yes, all our tours are 100% customizable. By default, we select the perfect tour program verified by thousands of our tourists, but if you have any specific requests, we will take them into account and change them for you. In order to send a request for a custom tour - write to us by mail or make a phone call or fill out and send the form at the end of the description of the tour.

We have really great experience in organizing excursions in St. Petersburg. When assessing the quality of our work, we rely on the feedback of more than 7 thousand tourists who were satisfied with their trip. We organize 100% private tours, while many of our competitors, especially those who working through universal tour aggregators, often cannot guarantee the fact that the tour will be individual and instead of a private car, you will have a minivan with other tourists who are no less surprised and distressed than you.
In addition, our guides will never take you to the souvenir/gift shop, unless you ask them for it. While at present, most of the guides working in other agencies consider it their duty to forcefully bring their tourists to the souvenir shop and earn commissions. Despite the fact that for us this is unconditionally unacceptable and obviously extremely disrespectful to the guests of our city - the situation on the tourism market is just that. Therefore, if you are serious about making your trip go without disappointment, it is worth making an effort to find quality services. Our goal is not just to sell you a tour, but we want to make your stay in St. Petersburg excellent, therefore we are very attentive to the details, and we constantly improve and refine our products.

This is a very short tour, so it goes well with a city tour and with a visit to the Faberge museum and a private boat trip along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. In addition, you can book an excursion to the exposition: Personal rooms of Felix Yusupov which includes a visit to the Cabinet, library, bedroom and Moorish bath with a billiard room or another exposition: Personal rooms of Irina Yusupova, the wife of Felix Yusupov. This exhibition includes boudoirs made in different styles, a bedroom and other rooms.

Yes, this tour is available every day. The deadline for entering the museum for groups with a guide is 4 p.m.

Depending on the season, dates may vary but in general, you can book this tour a week in advance. If you are planning this tour in the coming days, please send a request for a tour and we will immediately reply if this is possible.