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St. Petersburg Metro Tour

St. Petersburg Metro is a unique architectural complex that demonstrates the history of the city since 1955. Everything is imbued with history here — from the first eight stations-museums with luxurious interiors in the Stalin’s Empire style dedicated to a certain themes in the spirit of Soviet ideology, to simpler stations of the Khrushchev-era with…

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Private Sightseeing Tour by Car

Private Sightseeing Tour by Car show you St. Petersburg – the second largest city in Russia, founded in 1703 by order of Peter the Great. Today, it is visited by more than 6 million tourists annually. Why is the city on the Neva so attractive?  There are many reasons to become its guest: Rich story…

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City Sightseeing Walking Tour

A walk through the historical center of the city with a personal guide is a great opportunity to get acquainted with St. Petersburg. This open-air museum is a so-called Capital of Russian Culture, and this is true. The entire historical center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each building here has a…

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Hermitage Tour

In the very center of the capital of culture, on Palace Square, there is one of the most important museum complexes in Russia and in the entire world — the State Hermitage Museum. Every year more than 4 million tourists come to see its halls. There are more than three million exhibits inside the five…

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